First Year Grad Students

Welcome to Cal! We hope you have a good time settling into your life at Berkeley, and thrive throughout your graduate career here! Graduate Women of Engineering (GWE) would love for you to join us for our events and programs throughout the year.

About GWE

GWE is a GradSWE organization made up of graduate engineering students from all engineering disciplines at  the University of California, Berkeley. Our primary purpose is to support all graduate engineering women (in body, spirit or identity — past, present, future, and fluid) in all their engineering endeavors.

Our events are advertised throughout the year via email and can be found on our Google Calendar.

Programs Tailored to 1st Year Grad Students

General GWE Events

Join us for other GWE events such as the Big IDEAS Book and Media Club, Speaker Series, the Career Panel, and regular social events! Read the full scope of GWE events here.

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About Berkeley

Please see our Resources page for various resources on and around campus.